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They say they exist to guide those lost out of the forests.
That doesn't sound harmful, though - why's everyone afraid of them?
They're... unstable.
— A conversation between a tourist and tour guide
Moonfallow live in the shrouded lands of the fogswept forests, drifting along with the vapours in the air. As a self-defense mechanism, protecting them from the dangerous creatures of the land, the moonfallow become intangible, blending in with their biome's characteristic fog but for the few nights they are able to take form.
Because they appear so little, there is much folklore surrounding the moonfallow, most of which is false. Some believe them to only take form to guide lost travellers out of the forests, while others believe them to cause confusion, seeing them as tricksters. Some believe them to be a mix of these things. However, none of these conceptions are true.

Basic Information


The vast majority of the time, moonfallow are but mist, drifting between the trees of their forests. However, when the moon is full, they can use the moonlight to shape their bodies into a physical shape. This shape is fairly simplistic, with smaller bodies, grey skin, and very few facial features. Their bodies are cold to the touch, often slightly damp.

Biological Cycle

The moonfallow only take physical forms when the moon produces enough light to penetrate the thick fog of their home. They can use the light from the moon to solidify their forms, allowing them to interact with one another and their environment. It is during this time when they are most connected to their environment, but also the time that they are the most vulnerable. As such, they must be careful when they are in this form, and remain hidden from everyone, including each other. There are very few outsiders or non-natives to the fogswept forests that have ever seen one.
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30-40 years
Average Height
3-4 feet
Geographic Distribution


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