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Questlenut Bush

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The questlenut bush is a shrub that can be found within the fogswept forests. It is a source of food for those within it, including small critters such as the nightfellow squirrel. Some species use the leaves and branches of the plant for nesting material, while others dig their nests below it and use the branches as shelter and cover.


The nuts of the questlenut bush have a salty and somewhat umami taste to them, with a hard shell but a crumbling interior when bitten into. The shells of these nuts are covered in soft points, which allows the nut to catch on to passing animals, who take the seed elsewhere to grow. The species can be easily recognised by the bright blue leaves, of which there are one on almost every branch, which hold the plant's waste and act as sacrifice leaves. All parts of the plant, with the exception of these leaves, are edible because of this. The roots of the plant are thin and spread wide rather than deep.

Reproduction & Growth

The nuts of the questlenut bush are also the seeds of the species, and when fertilised, can grow into full plants. They cannot grow too close to other members of the species, as the root network of the bush is incredibly expansive. So, the plant relies on the movement of larger mammals to transport their seeds. Once the seed has taken root in an area not already occupied by questlenut plants, it begins to grow. It takes about five years for the bush to fully mature, at which point it will not grow any larger, though it will still regrow broken branches or fallen leaves.
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