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Aertrains are a semi-recent advancement in iterithycomancy. They are trains that run through the sky, supported by Thyic cast by the four of the train's six conductors.


The Aertrain is a collection of train cars attached to one another, each car containing passengers, cargo, or parts important for the upkeep of the train. The train moves forward and maintains lift through the use of Thyic, which due to special wiring connecting to the train, can be carried from the front car into the following ones.
Transportation between the cars is possible, though is only recommended when the Aertrain is parallel to the ground and not turning. It is possible during other conditions, but can cause some jostling and unsteadiness.


There are six conductors required to operate the train. One is dedicated to moving the train forward, two are dedicated to maintining or changing altitude, and one is dedicated to changing the direction of the train. The remaining two conductors are back-ups, required in case the the other four become incapable of doing their jobs, in order to ensure that none of the conductors injure themselves through overuse.
To become a conductor in an aertrain, one must have a high capacity for Thyic (and, of course, no qualms about using it).


The aertrain is used for transportation of people and goods. Generally, aertrains carrying people are separate from ones carrying inanimate objects or animals. They are very common for long-distance transportation, and require cutting-edge communication technologies to navigate and two ensure that two trains will not collide with one another.
Aertrains, for safety reasons, will not travel over oceans. They are not buoyant, and were an emergency docking required, it would not be safe to be above water when this process is occurring.


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