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Iterithycomancy (/ɪ.tɛɹ.ɪ'θaɪ.koʊ.mæ

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Iterithycomancy is the study of the use of Thyic to power transportation. It is the field involved in advancements in methods of public transportation, such as the busboat or the aertrain, or for more restricted or single-person modes of transportation, such as the OHDSA or the cloudcar.



The science of iterithycomancy originated in the rolling hills. The constantly-moving ground of the region allowed for the harnessing of the Amyth and Auras exuded by the biome, allowing for the movement of other man-made objects.
This was seen as incredibly useful, and the question was raised as to whether this magic could be applied outside of the biome. As it turned out, by morphing the natural Amyth of other regions into something akin to movement magic, Thyic could be used to power the movement of heavy materials and items, similar to the effect of the rolling hills.
Iterithycomancy was and is a high-energy field of study, with immense amounts of Thyic required to reproduce the natural energies found in the rolling hills.


As the field of iterithycomancy progressed, the span of the field began to broaden. Where originally it was concerned with the movement of heavy objects, to allow for easier transportation of large and heavy materials, it was soon expanded to include the transportation of people as well. This allowed for easier movement between regions, allowing for the interaction of further-away cultures and an overall boost in discoveries of other fields, as people far away from one another now had the means to interact with each other.
Iterithycoiimancy soon began to extend even further to allowing communication over long distances, with the discovery that the movement of sound waves from one place to another could be done in a fairly low-energy manner, compared to the rest of the field.

Notable Breakthroughs

A few different discoveries began to shape the field of iterithycomancy as it adapted over time. The discovery of arcanoelectric currents allowed for the streamlining of transportation, greatly reducing the amount of magical energy that was required in certain settings. In addition, the development of auramancy allowed for some interaction and manipulation of auras without the use of Thyic, which in some use cases revolutionised the field.


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