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Oceanic High-Depth Submersible Autocar

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The Oceanic High-Depth Submersible Autocar, also known as the OHDSA, is a vehicle designed for land-species travel into deep, cold, and cramped oceanic areas, such as submerged caverns.
Its invention years ago has allowed for travel to and from this biome, allowing for cultural exchanges between deep kuuyikar and the surface.


The OHDSA is a small vehicle, capable of fitting around 1 or 2 people in it, depending on their heights and weights. It is able to store enough oxygen for 2 weeks of travel, but it is only recommended to plan trips for a quarter of that time, due to the possibility of getting lost in the caves. It is equipped with as many navigational measures as could fit, and is capable of loading maps for most of the mapped areas of the caverns. If the vehicle is being piloted out of these mapped zones, a warning will appear on a screen, prompting the pilot to confirm they wish to enter unmapped tunnels.
It is build for navigation in tight tunnels, and can turn in place as well as make incredibly precise manoeuvres. Some versions also come with mechanical appendages capable of manipulating the environment around them, and others come with built-in storage compartments that allow for the collection of resources. The device has become well-used by researchers, miners, and farmers that are incapable of breathing underwater.
The OHDSA has lights on the front that can be turned on or off, which allow vision out to up to 20 metres away. These lights can also be dimmed, allowing someone to choose how far they want the lights to illuminate, which is a useful feature when facing walls or rocks that reflect the light back towards the pilot's eyes.

Cultural Reception

The OHDSA was recieved fairly well among the people of Etharai; the deep kuuyikar were no longer as detached from the rest of the world, and the surface gained access to all of the resources the caverns had to offer.


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