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This article is discussing Auramancy, the harnessing of Auras, not to be confused with Aurology, the study of Auras. Find the article on Aurology here.
Auramancy is a field of study dedicated to the harness of Auras. This is distinct from the field of Aurology, the study of how Auras move and interact.


Originally, when magic was first being developed, it was generally accepted that Amyth could only be used passively, and Thyic was the only useful way to harness magical energy. However, as Aurology developed, people began to explore uses of Auras that would require some gentle nudging to redirect the energy, but did not require the morphing of that energy into Thyic. This soon developed as a separate sub-field of Aurology, while the original field of Aurology maintained a dedication to the research of the behaviour of Auras. The two fields still work in tandem with one another.

Notable Discoveries

One of the most notable discoveries for the field of Auramancy was discovered by Aurologists. This was the discovery of the interaction between different types of Auras, generally occuring on the edge of biomes. This interaction allowed for Auras of multiple different types, which would separate after a short while, unless harnessed.


Research in the field of Auramancy consists of a lot of trial and error. Auramancy is a lot lower-risk for the caster than Thyic-based fields such as iterithycomancy, though it does pose somewhat of a risk to the direct inviroment, as incorrectly-guided Auras could cause destruction or danger. However, it is difficult to practice Auramancy in a controlled environment, as Auras are not a phenomenon that can be easily replicated. Auramancers instead settle on taking a lot of precautions where they work, including making calculations ahead of time, ensuring minimal damage in the case of something going wrong, and other researchers as backup and assistance.

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