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The sophon are the indigenous people of the magical wastes, living their lives entirely in the air. They touch down twice in their lifetimes: when they are born, and when they lay their eggs.


Sophans are Amythomites - specifically, they are energophobic, completely insesitive to the overpowering magic of their surroundings. They have small bodies and hollow bones, with winspans over three times their height. Their powerful wings are well-suited for gliding, which is how they spend the majority of their time in the air. They have taloned feet, as well as a set of clawed arms that are separated from their wings at the elbow. Their heads are similar to those of a bird, though with more hominid-eque eyes and eyebrows. Muscles in their faces allow for a wider range of facial expressions than most birds.
30-40 years
Geographic Distribution
Perception & Sensory Capabilities
Sophans have keen eyesight, able to see small details on the ground from high above. They have incredible pattern recognition as well.

Genetics & Reproductions

The Sophon find a mate while they are flying in the air. They land on brambletrees once they do find a mate, creating makeshift nests to lay their clutches of 3-5 eggs. Typically, however, only 1-2 of these eggs end up surviving. As the species develops little empathy or familial connection, youth are left entirely on their own - even after the eggs have been laid - and they hatch with dysfunctional eggs, so are incredibly vulnerable to predators. Thankfully, there are few such creatures in their environment.

Dietary Needs & Habits

Sophan eat entirely raw and unseasoned food, as their mobile lifestyle does not allow for in-depth preparation of food. They eat other flying creatures, the birds and bugs of their biome. Occasionally, if they spot loosely-attached berries or fruits, they will dip down close to the ground to collect their prize as they fly fast. However, they do not do this often, as they risk getting caught on the rough flora of their home.


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Feb 12, 2024 15:45 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I lik that, even though they are a sapient species, they have little care for what becomes of their eggs after they are laid. That's an interesting touch for their culture.

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yeah, they're very individualistic. entirely different from most of the other cultures on Etharai

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