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Amythomites are a type of species that is able to withstand large amounts of magic without being harmed. Such species are typically those native to biomes with strong or frequent Auras, such as the magical wastes or the Heart of Etharai.

Types of Amythomites

There are two primary types of amythomites, with the main difference between them being the method in which they resist the magic surrounding them. These two types are energophobes and auravores, the former of which is detached from the magic system of Etharai, and the latter of which feeds off of it.


Energophobic species are ones that are insensitive to magic, lacking the capabilities to feel it, sense it, or interact with it in any capacity. The advantage to this is that any predatory species using magic as a hunting technique cannot harm these creatures - however, it cuts them off from Etharai's bloodlines and leaves them fully detached from the magic of the planet, alone in the world. An energophobic sapient species is the sophan.


Auravores are species that are energised by magic, such as the bloodfowl or the aurashrike. They are able to withstand levels of magic that would normally be overwhelming to other species by absorbing this energy, using it as nutrients to allow them to sustain themselves. This is incredibly common alongside a secondary source of food, and auravore species are usually either carnivorous or omnivorous.

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