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Aurashrikes are the much smaller cousin of the bloodfowl, though equally as murderous. Native to the Heart of Etharai, they gather in large flocks, known as a "scattering" of aurashrikes. These small birds group together for protection against their primary predator, the phase snake.

Basic Information


Aurashrikes are very small birds, with jet black feathers and beady eyes. They move in an almost unnervingly precise manner, often turning their heads rapidly to directly look at the source of a noise. They have sharp, toothed beaks, and their wings allow for fast flight, sharp turns, and precise movement.

Growth Rate & Stages

Aurashrikes lay some of the smallest eggs on the planet, and are barely an inch tall when they are born. As they develop, they grow up to around a foot tall, and rarely any taller. In infancy, the birds rely entirely on their parents for survival. Aurashrikes lay clutches of up to 5 eggs at a time.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Aurashrikes are Amythomite, specifically falling under the categeory of Auravores. They are also capable of eating smaller bugs and insects living in the caverns where they make their homes, the stutterbug being a particular favourite.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
8-12 inches
Average Weight
1-1.6 ounces
Geographic Distribution

Cultural Significance

To the Keepers living in the Heart, aurashrikes represent community, and the strengths and benefits it administers to those within it. The Keepers see the aurashrikes and how they flock together, and take this wisdom to incorporate into how they live their own lives.
Some Keepers have domesticated aurashrikes, using them as messenger birds and (mostly) training them out of their aggressive tendencies. There are still occasionally accidents, most of which involve other domesticated animals - in particular, the phase snake, which will sneak away from its owner to eat the pet aurashrikes of another.


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