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Phase Snake

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The Phase Snake is a creature native to the Heart of Etharai. They are unique in their ability to shift between a state of visibilty and invisibility.

Basic Information


Phase snakes, when visible, are white-cream coloured snakes that grow to a length of 4 metres long. Their natural prey is the aurashrike, a bird native to their environment deep within the caves of Etharai.
They are a venemous species of snake, with their venom capable of channelling all of their excess magical energy into their prey, usually killing it. The amount of magic injected with their venom is enough to decimate an entire biome on the surface - it has reached this high due to the evolution of it alonside the aurashrike, a bird that stubbornly continued to evolve to be more and more resistant to magic.
Phase snakes can also harness the magic around them to fly through the air as though they were swimming or climing. It also allows them to turn invisible, which they do to hide themselves from their prey, only becoming visible the second before they bite.

Ecology and Habitats

Phase snakes are native to the Heart of Etharai, and cannot survive without it. They use an immense amount of magic from the environment around them, and their primary method of hunting relies on it. Taking them out of their natural environment will result in them not being able to hunt or obtain food, causing them to starve. However, they can be and are kept as pets by the keepers, who also are known to harvest their venom - a useful magical substance known as Phase Venom.
30 yrs.
Average Length
3-4 metres
Geographic Distribution


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