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Phase Venom

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Phase venom is a liquid produced by phase snakes found in the heart of Etharai. It is a moderate hallucinogenic, but carries enough residual magical energy to kill an entire settlement of people, assuming the proper preparations are not taken and the species is not somewhat resistant towards magic. Both Keepers and sophanne are capable of safely consuming the venom, while other species must first treat and dilute it.


Material Characteristics

Phase venom is a silvery white liquid with a lower viscosity than water. It does not sink into things, nor can it be absorbed, due to its high magic content. It has a metallic sheen to it, and is mostly opaque.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Phase venom is intended to be injected into prey, and because of this, will connect with blood cells to block or rupture veins and arteries. It is generally advised against to handle phase venom without gloves (or more generally at all) with any sharp materials in the viciny, as accidents could cause serious injury.
Aside from that, phase venom has a high proportion of magic in it compared to its volume. This sheer amount of magic is enough to let off a substantial Aura, which can affect other things close to it as well.


When properly distilled, phase venom can be used as a strong hallucinogenic, which is ritually consumed by the Keepers. It can also be used to power technology that runs off of Auras, as the strong Aura excuded by the phase venom can last for multiple days, even up to weeks.
Strongly metallic
Sour, metallic
Silvery white


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