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Brambletrees are an arboreal species native to the nagical wastes. They are known for their strength and resillience, and for their flowers that give the illusion of constant blooming, when the magic surrounding them gets too high. The plants are depicted in art and iconography in areas surrounding the magical wastes, and are featured in jewellery or symbols.


The brambletree grows in twisted, tangled curves, with thorns across its branches, and grey-green leaves. Their small flowers have white petals with a blue tint at their base, and have an incredibly round shape to them. The plant also grows berries - small, aggregate, and dark blueish purple.
The tree is sensitive to the high levels of magic around it. It is one of the only species native to the magical wastes that is not, in some form, an Amythomite. Its thick bark and gnarled shape fortify the inside of the tree from the heavy magical Auras outside of it. Its flowers act as a way for the plant to expell excess magical energy, when the plant does deal with magical overload. When it blooms, it grows more petals, which then wither as more magic is run through them. As petals grow from the inside, the outer petals fall off of the plant, giving the appearance of an ever-blooming flower. The plant only has to do this in certain circumstances, when there are surges of magic nearbly. The vast majority of the time, this is during magical storms, where there are Aura surges strong enough to immediately stop the heart of most species not native to the tree's native habitat.
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