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Essence of Rot

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Essense of rot is a liquid that can be extracted from rot orchids. It is a viscous liquid with an incredibly foul stench, and it expands and becomes less viscous when is is around any kinds of Auras.


Material Characteristics

Essense of rot is a liquid with a naturally similar viscosity to syrup. It often has bubbles on its surface as it reacts to the air, these bubbles having a somewhat dull lavender-like colour. The liquid is usually very lumpy, if it is created correctly.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Essence of rot responds to the presence of Auras, expanding and gaining a lower viscosity upon interaction with them. The stronger the Aura, the stronger the effect. It also changes colour when exposed to Thyic, turning a neon greenish colour that is more present within the liquid the stronger the presence of Thyic is.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The most common use for essence of rot is in visemeters. Becuase of the way that it reacts to Auras, the visemeter can use its reaction to track the presence and location of nearby Auras.
There are some additional uses for essence of rot, as well. It is often used in magical experiments to test and measure reactions without requiring the use of Amyth by the researcher, and it can also be used for automated warning messages about Aura levels in an area, which are useful to species that have a high reactivity to some types of magic. Lastly, it can be used to detect the presence of Thyic in locations where the use of Thyic is not allowed.


Essense of rot is not only toxic for the majority of species, but it also poses somewhat of a risk to anyone who makes direct skin contact with it. It can cause arcane burns, and mess up a person's Thyic balance. As such, in its raw form it is always handled with gloves.

Environmental Impact

Throwing away essence of rot normally is a biohazard. It must be put through a thyic autoclave before being disposed of; as such, any labs that wish to use essence of rot need to do so with the proper ABSL. In addition, products that use essence of rot must contain a warning detailing the proper methods of discarding the product, as well as instructions on what do do with
Rot orchids, and essence of rot by extention, smell like rotting food mixed with metallic scents.
Essence of rot is toxic to most species. It tastes very bitter and alkaline.
Essence of rot has a deep, purplish-brown colour.


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