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Rot Orchid

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Rot orchids are a flowering plant native to megaforests. They thrive in the rich-in magic atmosphere that the soil in these biomes provide, but can also grow anywhere with a high concentration of Amyth in the soil.

Subspecies: Greenrot Orchid

Greenrot orchids are those that grow in the presence of Thyic. They are nearly identical to the typical rot orchids, except for their neon yellow-green hue.

Material Characteristics

The rot orchid is a large flower, weighing up to one ton, with petals that can grow out to as long as 30 inches. Its stem is known to grow up to 7 feet. It has a foul odour, smelling like rotting food with a metallic tinge. Its stems are a dark brown colour, and its petals are a somewhat dark pink.
15-20 years
Average Height
7 ft.
Average Weight
1 tn.
Average Length
30 in.
Geographic Distribution


Rot orchids have been used in previous versions of the visemeter. Nowadays, the most useful byproduct of the plant is essence of rot, which is used in more modern visemeters as well as some other, less-major, products.


To most species, rot orchid is toxic, and can cause upset stomachs and regurgitation. The taste of the orchid is very bitter, and somewhat metallic. The one sapient species capable of eating the plant is the Kuuyik, who have been known to include the petals in orchid salad, and the chopped-up stems or roots in stew of rot.


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Dec 4, 2023 21:51 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Why would anyone try to eat a plant that smells so bad? I love that they do though, it's true to life.   I would 100% grow greenrot orchids if I had no nose.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 4, 2023 21:53 by spleen

i'm having so much fun with the kuuyik attitude of "if it can fit in my mouth, i will eat it" xD

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