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Aura Mussels

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Aura mussels are a species growing around brine pools in the abyssal depths. They feed off of the Auras excuded by these pools, creating a mussel bed around them. These small creatures also feed on microorganisms in the water, and are fed on by some fish and octopus species, as well as sapients living in the oceans nearby.

Basic Information


Aura mussels are fairly small bivalve mollusks, with hard grey-black shells and more mushy interiors. They are typically wedge-shaped, and grow upwards from the mussel beds that they form.

Genetics and Reproduction

Aura mussels have two distinct sexes, though there is very little sexual dimorphism in the species. Fertilisation occurs separately from the mussels themselves, however, with the larvae of the species drifting in the water before magically gravitating towards a brine pool and beginning to grow there.

Ecology and Habitats

Aura mussels are edible, and can be quite tasty when prepared correctly. A few toothed fish and some octupus species will feed on the mussels, as they are strong enough to break the shells. Other species, such as the sapient species living in the depths, are smart enough to figure out how to use heat or leverage to break open the mussels, eating them that way. They are used in some deep-sea dishes, though these dishes range from tasting bad to being toxic to species not native to the depths.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Aura mussels have two sources of food, both of which are neccessary for their survival. The first of these is the Auras surrounding the brine pools where they make their homes, and the second are microorganisms in the water, drifting past. Aura mussels filter this physical food out of the water.
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