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Abyssal Algae

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Abyssal algae is an algae species native to the abyssal depths. It grows in small clusters that move to the whims of the strong currents in their home biome. The algae feeds off of micro organisms drifting along with them, the large masses producing drag allowing them to move slower than their food, causing it to drift right in their direction.
Geographic Distribution


Abyssal algae forms in clumps, but these clumps are actually a collection of multiple different organisms. The algae on its own is somewhat stringy and web-like, but forms spongey round shapes when grouped together. These collections can grow up to 5 feet in diameter before the current starts to break them apart. In this case, they become separate clusters.
The main issue with the clusters of algae is that algae closer to the centre of the cluster gets access to less and less food. This causes the centre of these clusters to die and shrivel, causing the clusters to shrink slightly. The clusters may shrink further as the algae just below the surface of the cluster begins to use the dead algae for nutrients.


Abyssal algae is edible, and when dried, can make a crunchy, salty, snack with a bit of a kick to it. Crushed, it can be used as a spice or a seasoning. When cooked, it pairs well with bitter or umami flavours. Both the xsenda and the abyssal kuuyik enjoy this species as a source of food.
In addition, dried clusters work well as sponges or scrubs. Even the dead bodies of the algae soaks up moisture well, and the enzymes within the algae will continue to neutralise bacteria long after the plant has dies - eliminating odours from rotting food, and making sponges that are self-cleaning.


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