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Colossal Octopus

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Native to the abyssal depths, the colossal octopus is a large predator that makes its home against the rocky cliffs of its home. It is prey to the titansquid, and itself eats animals such as the glass squid, the jellyeater, and the plasmafish. The colossal octopus is an incredibly smart creatures, having learned methods of tracking its prey through detecting minor shifts in Auras or sensing when there is resistance against the strong currents of the depths. Unlike most other octopus species, the colossal octopus actually has ten arms. It is for this reason that scientiests believe the species is closer in its genetics to the ancestors of other octopus species than many of its cousins. However, due to the extreme difficulty of obtaining DNA samples from the species, this claim has yet to be fully proven.


The colossal octopus has ten arms, which can be up to five times the length of their body. Their heads are ovular in shape, with eyes positioned laterally on their head, and their mouth between their arms. These eyes have thick coating atop them to mitigate damage, at the cost of reducing the octopus' vision. They have textured blue-grey skin, which resembles the rocky faces of the cliffs where they live. Their suctioned arms allow them to attach to the cliff faces, where they lay in wait for prey to pass by. Their arms are also incredibly strong, allowing them to move perpendicular to and sometimes even against the currents of the abyssal depths.
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