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Glass Squid

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The glass squid is a cephalopod native to the abyssal depths. They get their names from the transparent nature of their skin and most of their body tissue, the only part of their body visible their blood. They are on the smaller side, especially compared to some of the more significant creatures of the depths, such as the titansquid.

Average Intelligence

The glass squid is incredibly intelligent, much more so than many of the other creatures living alongside it. It is too smart to be domesticated, though some xsenda and abyssal kuuyikar have tried. The squids can always escape captivity, and are not well-suited for small, contained areas.
1-2 years
Average Length
2-3 feet
Geographic Distribution


Glass squids are around 1-2 feet in length, with only about 6-10 inches of that being their body - the rest are their limbs. They have many arms, along with two longer tentacles that make up the majority of their body length. The squids' skin is entirely transparent, making them incredibly effective hunters for prey relying mostly on sight.

Dietary Needs & Habits

Glass squids are omnivores, feeding on much of the wildlife of the abyss. abyssal algae and carnivorous algae are two staples of their diet, though they hunt small fish as well, including the blobfish and the plasmafish. Invertebrates such as the buttercup jellyfish or the moonlight jellyfish are also favourites of this species.


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