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Buttercup Jellyfish

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Native to the abyssal depths, the buttercup jellyfish is one of the smallest jellyfish species on the planet of Etharai. They are edible, and are often eaten by the xsenda and the abyssal kuuyikar native to the same biome.


Buttercup jellyfish have a flower-shaped body, with five petal-like curves forming the outside edges of their bell. They are slightly bioluminescent, with a dim yellow-green glow matching the colour of the rest of their bodies. In the centre of their bodies is a lighter flower-esque pattern. Their bodies are about an inch wide, and only around twice that in length.

Ecology & Habitat

The buttercup jellyfish is native to the darkness and strong currents of the abyssal depths. They are built to withstand these currents, and drift along with them. However, they aren't very well suited to other environments, so can only be found there. Within their biome, they are hunted primarily by the glass squid.

Uses & Byproducts

Similarly to glowfish, buttercup jellyfish can technically be used to create a substance very similar to glow ink. However, this is a bit crueler to obtain, requiring the death of the jellyfish first. While the kuuyikar have some sympathy for the wildlife around them and wait for the jellyfish to die naturally, the xsenda have no such qualms, and prefer to harvest the material when it's ripe, just after the jellyfish matures.
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