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Glow Ink

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Glow ink is a byproduct of the glowfish, a small bioluminescent fish species native to the submerged caverns. It produces a soft neon glow, and sticks easily to surfaces like paper or stone, which allow for it to be used in writing implements or printing devices.
While it is toxic to most species, it is able to be eaten by the kuuyikar, who enjoy it as an addition to some of their dishes. It is also used to produce a few different technologies, united by a need to be visible in dark environments.
Glow ink is obtained from the ink glands of glowfish, or from the glands of its eggs - more often the latter than the former, given the number of eggs that glowfish are known to lay in their lifetimes.

History & Usage


Glow ink holds some cultural significance to the deep kuuyikar. They used (and still use) it for body decorations, as well as paints and other methods of artistic expression. They have also used it to create drinks such as ink juice and other products like glow contacts. Later on, the use of glow ink became popular in the rest of the world, as the people from the submerged depths began to move elsewhere or other people would move in.
It was later discovered that when processed correctly, the glow ink was able to be made into a form where it was equally readable both in dark and light environments, as it could darken into a deep blue and near-black colour that was readable against a white background.
The use of the ink then spread across the planet until it was widely used in a number of different things, including lights, signage, and small text for a glow-in-the-dark affect. The tradition of painting one's body with this ink was also popularised elsewhere, and other kuuyik communities began to use it in some of their cuisine as well. Other dishes have since emerged that make use of glow ink, including kuuyik seafood salad, which uses a modified version of the ink as a dressing on the salad.
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While glow ink has become popular for use in Kuuyik dishes, it is not actually edible to most. It has a bitter and metallic taste, which most species consider to be a bad taste, and is prone to making members of other species sick.

Everyday use

Glow ink is a material common in the submerged caverns. While the people living there originally, deep kuuyikar, would use it mostly for personal decorations or art. It has more recently been used, however, by people living in darker regions for any writing meant to be viewed in the dark. Due to its luminescent nature, this makes it very useful for signs in submerged caverns, as well as signs that can be viewed at night.
Sharp; mildly pungent
Bitter, somewhat metallic
Varies; usually cool-toned, ranging from orange or pink to green, teal, or yellow
Boiling / Condensation Point
140C boiling point
Melting / Freezing Point
0C freezing point
Common State
Related Locations
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