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Ink Juice

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Ink juice is a beverage that can be created through the glow ink that can be farmed from glowfish. It is not a particularly popular drink among most populations due to its flavour, but is a favourite of the deep kuuyikar and some other kuuyik ethnicities.


The bitter taste of glow ink is somewhat cancelled out by the sourness of the fruits that are typically used to make this bevarage. It does still have a hint of a metallic taste, but this is far less noticable than it is in glow ink.

Manufacturing process

Ink juice has to be made with a specific process in order to retain its glow and still remain edible to most species. This process involves careful extraction and removal of any excess magic from the ink, diluting it with subtstances that are similar enough to the ink that it does not lose its taste, but far enough to be edible. Some kuuyikar choose to skip this step when making food for themselves because of the amount of time and effort that this takes.
Once this has been done, the ink is mixed with the juice of either tallfruit or ocean pomegranate, depending on availability of these fruits. Alternatively, the juices of lathayr or udarain, but these substitutes are less faithful to the original recipes and do not generally taste as good or the same without heavy modification to the recipe.


This drink is culturally significant to the deep kuuyikar, the original inventors of the drink. They were the first to try to make food out of glow ink, and managed to make a recipe that was edible to other species as well. Glow ink itself was a discovery of the deep kuuyikar, who have shared their materials and knowledge with others of Etharai.
Many deep kuuyikar grow up drinking ink juice, as a beverage to quel thirst that, since it is shiny and glows, is highly popular among children.
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