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Udarain is a tree fruit with a hard shell and a sticky interior. There are hundreds of tiny seeds inside of the fruit, which it spreads by relying on fauna in the areas that it grows in.

Basic Information


The fruits of an udarain have a hard black shell with a fuzzy texture and a skin-like feel on their surface. They are in a rough ellipsoid shape, and when opened, their insides are about half full with a dry, sticky, tan-coloured pulp. Scattered among this pulp are hundreds of small, black, seeds. The fruits have a pungent smell, similar to that of raw sewage and spoiled food.
When unripe, this fruit appears tan in colour, and its casing is squishier than when ripe. Similarly, overripe or spoiled udarain fruits are squishy, and easy to tear open. At this point, their insides will have become an almost black colour, and smell much worse than they normally do.
The trunk of an udarain is similarly hard and black, with smooth bark and few branches. The few brances that the tree does have are at or near the heighest point of the tree, and each have 1-3 fruits growing from them.

Ecology and Habitats

The Udarain is best suited for life in a dry and arid environment, with brances able to store water for long periods of time and fruits with enough coating to contain enough water for the hardy seeds to start growing. They grow best in areas with loose soil, as their sprouts are incapable of moving through packed ground.
Their fruits are eaten by larger animals such as the itantarry and the jhosophants.
Udarain by notahumanhand
7-10 yrs.
Average Height
10 m.


Food & Cuisine

Despite its smell, the udarain is edible and very delicious. It has a sweet flavour, and the smell goes away if it is cooked or otherwise heated. It is used in a few different dishes. When liquified, the resulting juice can be used to make udarain smoothies or ink juice. The paste in its original form can also be used to make dough for sweetbread, or used as a glaze on udarain-glazed doughnuts. It can be mixed with any type of milk and other ingredients to make udarain pudding.


The casing and paste of the udarain can also be useful. The shells can be used to create some organic fabrics such as udaraincloth. The paste itself can be used to make targlue, a very useful natural adhesive that is often used to make solderbrick buildings, stationary buildings constructed with Solderbrick.
Lastly, udarain wood, the wood of the udarain tree, is very beautiful, and is very commonly used for flooring, furniture, doors, and window frames.


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