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Sweetbread is a type of bread made with the paste of an udarain fruit. It is a dry, soft bread with a sweet taste, and is enjoyed across many different cultures. It keeps for a decently long time compared to other types of bread, though not compared to some other foods.

Making Sweetbread

In order to make sweetbread, multiple udarain fruits are needed, along with flour, as well as some type of milk and eggs, a small amount of butter and salt, and active yeast or other leavening agent.
To make the bread, first remove the interior of the udarain fruits. Mix the paste with milk, lightly heat, and then stir in the yeast. After this step, let the mixture sit for around 10 minutes, then mix in the butter, salt, and eggs. Mix the flour in and then stir until it is thick enough to knead. Knead the dough until it is smooth, and then place it in a pan to bake.
After baking enough for the bread to rise and change to a golden-brown colour, the sweetbread is now ready for whatever meal awaits.


For those looking for a dessert to make with this bread, it can be sweetened even further by pairing it with udarain pudding. For a still sweet but slightly salty taste with a bit more vareity, glaze and sprinkle the top of the bread with some crushed-up spellvok candy.
For a bit more of a smoky and crispy taste, sweetbread can also be grilled or toasted. Here, it can pair well with some cheeses, either as a dip or to make sandwiches. On its own, sweetbread is also great to pair with more bitter beverages.
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