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Ocean Pomegranate

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Ocean pomegranates are a fruit that can be found growing across the ocean floors of Etharai. It is a plant accustomed to many different environments, well-suited for change and for growth in the variety of habitats that the oceans have to offer.

Basic Information


Ocean pomegranate plants grow with long, thick stalks reaching up from the ocean floor. Their roots travel deep into the sand, giving them a firm attachment to the ground so that they are unaffected by currents. They have circular leaves that are incredibly sensitive to light, capable of photosynthesis well below the surface of the ocean. The fruit itself has a hard shell in a spherical shape, with the inside filled with dozens of tiny seeds - each surrounded by a membrane holding the fruit's flavourful juice.

Genetics and Reproduction

In order to reproduce, ocean pomegranates rely primarily on bumblefish, a fish that can be found anywhere the pomegranates can be. These fish are able to drill through the fruit's hard exterior to eat the seeds inside, which they then transport to new locations.
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Ink Juice
Ocean pomegranates have a somewhat sweet and a bit tart, with a bitter aftertaste to them. They are incredibly juicy and watery.

A Staple Crop

Due primarily to their ease of growth, ocean pomegranates are grown as crops in farms across Etharai's oceans. They can be planted nearly anywhere, and are even grown in tiered farms in the submerged caverns, with special lights mimicking the sun and allowing them to grow in their darker waters. As such, these pomegranates are a common snack, a source of juice, and much more to the people living under Etharai's waters.


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