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The blobfish is a fish that can be found in some of the deeper biomes of Etharai's oceans. From the wandering depths of the submerged caverns to the trenches of the abyssal depths, the blobfish can survive in a variety of deep-water environments. It gets is name for being known on the surface as a formless blob; though, in reality, at the depths in which it lives, the water pressure is enough to hold it in a solid and consistent shape.


The blobfish has translucent flesh-like skin, with no scales. Its organs have a soft white glow to them, and can be vaguely made out from outside of the body. Their blood is a white-clear colour, with a somewhat metallic tint to it. its fins are wider than their attachment to the fish's body, causing the ends to fold in on themselves.
150+ years
Average Length
1-2 feet
Geographic Distribution

Dietary Needs & Habits

The diet of the blobfish mostly consists of crustacians, urchins, small jellyfish, and mollusks that can be found on the ocean floor. Its primary method of hunting its food is to sit on the bottom of the ocean with its mouth open, waiting for its food to wander or drift into its mouth. It does not seem to get food particularly often, so it either needs little nutrients to survive or has an alternate source.

Magic and the Blobfish

It is suspected that the blobfish gives off a faint magical Aura when submerged in its natural habitat. This likely has something to do with it converting the water pressure and currents into magical energy to control its movements - this is a popular theory due to the weakness of its fins. Many scientiests believe that the species is, to some degree, an Auravore, converting the magic around it into energy.


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