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The plasmafish is a species that can be found in the abyssal depths of Etharai, feeding on various jellyfish species.


Plasmafish have semi-transparent skin, their internal organs visible from the outside when in light. They have smaller organs that are mostly contained in the centre of their bodies, leaving space for their five stomachs in the outer areas just beneath their skin. The plasmafish eat jellyfish whole, digesting them over the span of multiple weeks in their very weak stomach acid.

Dietary Needs & Habits

The plasmafish primarily eats moonlight jellyfish and rainbow jellyfish, though it occasionally eats buttercup jellyfish as well. It typically avoids eating iridescent jellyfish, as their large size makes them difficult to consume. It also cannot eat opalescent jellyfish, as they are too resilient and can resist the plasmafish's stomach acids.


The plasmafish, on the off chance it happens to accidentally consume an opalescent jellyfish, the plasmafish has been known to form a mutualistic form of symbiosis with the jellyfish. The opalescent jellyfish is provided shelter and free food in the other jellyfish that the plasmafish consumes, and the digestive fluids that it releases are beneficial for the health of the plasmafish, causing it to live longer.
150-200 years
Average Length
2-3 feet
Geographic Distribution

A Xsenda Delicacy

Plasmafish are eaten occasionally by the xsenda, a sapient species living in the abyssal depths. However, the xsenda will specifically try to catch plasmafish while they are in the process of digesting multiple jellyfish, which they cook together.


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