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Iridescent Jellyfish

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The iridescent jellyfish, native to the abyssal depths of Etharai's oceans, is an invertebrate silvery jellyfish known for its shifting colours. The species is one of the larger jellyfish of the abyss, making it a substantial meal for species such as the jellyeater. The species thrives in the dark depths of its habitat, its large size allowing it to catch larger and more frequent meals. The species is even known to eat other jellyfish, including buttercup jellyfish, rainbow jellyfish, and even smaller or younger members of its own species. The jellyfish appears in a few different abyssal kuuyik and xsenda meals, including the jellyfish stew of the former.


The iridescent jellyfish has a semi-translucent silvery skin, which appears to be different colous when viewed in different light levels or from different angles. It has a multitude of tentacles, all of which are comparatively very short, as well as four slightly longer oral arms which it uses to catch and eat its food. The jellyfish's large size means it is more susceptible to the whims of the strong abyssal currents, and some members of the species have even been found ripped apart by the cruel waters. The species reproduces at a very quick rate and on a large scale, however, making the chances of an extinction highly unlikely. The species is not bioluminescent, and so can be difficult to spot, so many of its predators simply rely on it drifting into their mouths by chance rather than expending energy hunting it.
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