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The Aitheren is a creature fabled to exist in the abyssal depths, though there have been few credible reports of interaction with it. It is unclear if the aitheren is a single aberration or a species, though hopeful scholars lean towards the former out of fear for the implications of the latter. The aitheren is rumoured to be the size of multiple cities, with many rows of jagged teeth and hundreds of eyes across its head. The creature is said to lurk at the very lowest depths of the abyss, deeper than even the abyssal kuuyikar and the xsenda dare to go. Because the true depth of the oceans of Etharai is unclear, whether or not there is even room for a creature of that size is also shrouded in mystery.

Folklore of Ages Past

The Aitheren appears in ancient xsenda folklore, a story passed down through oral tradition longer than anyone can remember. Though not present in the abyssal kuuyikar, later migrants to the region, the xsenda have an innate and deep-seated fear of the extreme depths where the Aitheren would be found.

Menacing Whispers

Some of the most convincing evidence as to the Aitheren's existence are the few xsenda who have ventured deeper into the abyss and returned. Though very few have mentioned an actual encounter with the creature, there seems to be a common thread in the mental state of all who return. They descend into insanity, constantly droning on about whispers and impending doom.

Psychological Effects

Due to the insanity of those returning from the depths, a few different telepathic scanning methods have been attempted to see what is wrong. The results of these scans, however, are somewhat unsettlieng: the telepathic imprint of an individual affected by what is being called "depth insanity" looks identical to a completely sane and unaffected individual.
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