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Lumicats are a feline species that glow specifically when in the presence of excess levels of Thyic. They were some of the inspiration for the invention of the visemeter, and have been around for many centuries. Their origin is most definitely magical in nature, though few have been able to posit theories as to its genesis.

Basic Information


Lumicats are small felines, nearly indistinguishable from normal cats save for a few key traits. They can have any of a wide variety of fur colours and types, body shapes, and facial features. Many lumicats have sharp claws, and while it is a difficult effect to explain, holding their gaze causes discomfort.
However, they are united by one shared feature: all lumicats glow a pale green light when in the presence of Thyic.

Magic of the Lumicats

It is clear that this effect is not a natural one, and was introduced to the species at some point. Best guesses of historians seem to indicate this change occured just before or during the War of World's End, though the reason for the introduction of this feature to the species is still unclear.

Origin Theories

The method through which the glowing was added to the cats is equally nebulous. There have been theories about genetic engineering, but the traits that would cause such a behaviour would had to have been magical, and the theoretical field of arcanogenetics has been widely determined to be a near impossible feat. Another idea was the introduction of a semi-biological disease to the population, but this is not something that would be passed along genetically, so this theory has been disregarded by most. Others believe that the cats are simply a gift from the gods, sent to protect them. This is unlikely, as the gods are not particularly active in interfering with mortal and worldly activities.

Generational Protectors: Folklore Surrounding Lumicats

It has been passed down through the generations that lumicats are guardians, sent to protect the species from magical danger.
The tale goes: long ago, when the War was still raging on, the worldmothers saw the broken Etharai, screaming for help. Those peaceful among her people wept, for the lands around them became corrupted beyond repair. The worldmothers could not stand the suffering of their people, so they gave them a blessing. Their household pets, their closest companions, would be able to warn them of and guide them away from danger.
While many researchers, especially those that study lumicats, do not believe this point of view, the origins of the myth itself raise some questions.

Genetics and Reproduction

No one has ever actually seen a lumicat reproduce. They are capable of reproduction, as they do eventually die and new lumikittens are born, but somehow they manage to do so outside of any attempts at observation - and many have been made to attempt to solve this mystery. Lumicats also have a tendency to be able to escape nearly any environment, making any research involving them highly difficult if the lumicats don't want to be there.

Quick Reproduction?

In one particular instance, researchers were on a 24-hour cycle watching a group of lumicats to watch for birth. 3 weeks into the experiment, one of the researchers was 15 minutes late to their shift, and the other one dozed off. When the late researcher arrived, he woke his coworker up to the realisation that the lumicats had just had their lumikittens while the first researcher was asleep.

Growth Rate & Stages

Similarly to their reproductive habits, it has been difficult to observe the growth stages of lumicats. There seem to be two distinct stages of their lives: lumikitten, and lumicat. However, there seems to be no in-between with these stages. They are a lumikitten one day, and a lumicat on another. The process of moving in between these stages has never been recorded.
On a similar note, no one has observed a dying lumicat. In the end stages of their lives, they are perfectly fine and healthy, until they are no longer in sight of another and the next time they are seen, they have died. Due to this, many researchers will regard an older and currently unobserved lumicat as both alive and dead until they are observed again. This is done in order to keep times and data consistent.

Ecology & Habitats

While lumicats have no one preferred habitat, they do take a notable liking to cardboard boxes. To sleep in, to munch on, to hide in, and to play with, lumicats love cardboard boxes like nothing else in the world. It is considered essential for any lumicat owner to provide at least one cardboard box to their lumicat, replacing it whenever it is eaten or destroyed.

Biological Cycles

Lumicats annually go through a process known as phasing. During phasing, they shed all of their hair and become hairless (already hairless lumicats are not affected). This happens yearly during the summer regardless of climate, so lumicat owners living in colder environments are advised to provide warm clothing to their lumicats in the summers, to protect them from the cold of the environment.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The dietary needs of lumicats are unclear, and seem to depends on the individual lumicat. Some lumicats will consume food like there's no tommorow, absorbing any vaguely edible or digestible thing that comes in their vicinity - which, to them, is almost anything small enough to fit in their mouths. Lumicats have incredibly powerful digestive enzymes for nearly every material out there, and are able to safely eat anything that they do not choke on.
Because of this, lumicats are an especially great pet for kuuyikar, who are able to feed their cats any of their leftover food that would kill or sicken other potential pets.


Hey! No! Get off of there, that's my- ...favourite vase.
— Frustrated lumicat owner

Lumicats are empathetic creatures, but they are also troublemakers at heart. They refrain from causing trouble for people who are sad, but will purposefully mess with people who are agitated, which sometimes makes their agitation worse but most times, strangely, seems to lighten the mood. They enjoy knocking fragile things off of high surfaces, and clawing against doors and walls.

Additional Information


Lumicats are able to be domesticated, but only when they are willing. Lumicats choose their owners, rather than the other way around, and wild lumicats always seem to be able to sense when someone is in need of a companion. They will leave a household if they are not treated correctly, but most people find them adorable and fuss over them, providing them with all of their needs, which lumicats enjoy.

Uses, Products, and Exploitation

There are two jobs that lumicats can typically have. Therapy lumicats are fairly common, and they enjoy their jobs. However, lumicats can also be imployed as detector lumicats, travelling into possibly magically-dangerous areas near magical wastes or other high-risk areas. The lumicats are not harmed by this, and have proven incredibly valueable in preserving the lives and healths of researchers and explorers in such areas. Lumicats are the reason that such areas can be heavily explored and documented while still maintaining the safety of those travelling within them.

Average Intelligence

Lumicats are a highly intelligent species. Most of this comes in emotional intelligence, but it also manifests in an eerie level of technical intelligence as well. They are able to calculate lengths of jumps they want to make, infer reactions to their actions, and much more. They are also almost always able to tell the intentions of a person towards them. They will choose which people they want to stay with and which ones they do not like, and they are known to hold grudges against people who have wronged them - and often, these grudges are held for life.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Aside from their ability to detect Thyic, which the cats themselves don't actually seem to be aware of, these cats are perticularly attuned to the emotional states of those around them. They seem to be able to tell exactly the emotions of each person around them, as they respond to each of these emotions uniquely.

Caring Companions

Because of this ability, lumicats are often kept as household pets. It is also for this reason that they are often employed as therapy lumicats, providing comfort to those who may need it.


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