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Arcanogenetics is a theoretical field that is theorised to have been possible in the World Before. It deals with the interaction between genomes and magic, and the possibility of these interactions being measured, and even modified or changed entirely.
The field of arcanogenetics as a possibility has been largely disregarded by the larger population, first due to the amount of magic and technology required, and second due to the ethical questions that the field raises

Magic and the Gene

Magic interacts with the world not just on a superficial level, but on a molecular level. It permeates the world around it, present in every living organism. Some argue that magic itself is living, providing an explanation for why it is drawn to living things. Others theorise instead that magic came from living beings, as something produced as a byproduct of being alive.
There is no concrete answer to any of these theories - though not for lack of trying. It is thought by many that the discovery of where magic comes from is essential if arcanogenetics is to be further explored. However, there are some still that argue that the foundational steps of arcanogenetics should be researched before this point is reached, so there is a base to jump off of for future research should that knowledge ever come to light.

Potential Capabilities

There are a number of things that have been theorised to be capable with arcanogenetics. There are some that believe that lumicats were the result of arcanogenetic experimentation from the World Before. In theory, the capabilities of arcanogenetics seem limitless - it is only a difference of how far out some discoveries are. There are some who believe that arcanogenetics would be able to change the base genetic makeup of some species, while others believe that the furthest reaches of the field would only be able to change minor details, such as eye colour or hair colour - and even then, not always permanently.
It is difficult to say what would or wouldn't be possible in an almost entirely hypothetical field, especially one that is very unlikely to progress any time soon. However, other aspects of the field are able to be discussed, such as the ethics and history.


One of the largest debates surrounding arcanogenetics is not regarding whether or not it's possible. Rather, it involves the discussion of ethics in arcanogenetics. In a field where embryos could potentially be changed to have desired characteristics, is this something that should be allowed? Should parents be permitted to choose what their children look like, what their strengths and weaknesses are? While some choose to argue that the field of arcanogenetics would purely be beneficial to the planet, there are many that oppose it as a slippery slope to darker paths and topics.
This debate has been raging on for as long as the field was seen as even a distant possibility, and yet still an agreement has not been reached. It is unlikely that there will be much progression in the field even if it does become a possibility, due to the amount fo controversies surrounding it.

Arcanogenetics and the World Before

There is ample evidence that the World Before may have been capable of arcanogenetics, or at least something similar. Such evidence includes the existence of lumicats, as well as the presence of many smaller animals that seems entirely disconnected from the taxonomy of the rest of the world. Some suspect that the capabilities of aquasynthesis are in fact arcanogenetic in origin, having been developed during apolocyptic times to allow for those in need to obtain all of their nutrients from the moisture in the sky itself.
There is no one specific "smoking gun" tying these things together - no one reason that the World Before would do some of the things they have done, no unifying capabilities or uses that stretch across all suspected presences of the genetic modifications. The best that the world can do is speculate, and speculate they have. With theories ranging from simple arcane modifications to regular beasts, to full-scale changes of entire gene sequences and chromosomes to create new life entirely, it is incredibly unclear what can be included under this umbrella of arcanogenetically modified organisms, if such an umbrella even exists.


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