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Aquasynthesis is a method of turning water into nutrients. It is performed by a few different species that exist in the dewdrop peaks. Some species that are known for their aquasynthetic abilities are the cloudwhale and the bubbletree.

How it Works

While typically this is performed in a similar manner across the species that make use of it, there are a few different ways that it is actually done. In some species, the water reacts to the chemical makeup of the stomach contents of the organism, turning what would potentially be waste into something that the body can actually use. In this case, it typically only prolongs the species' ability to go without food, rather than preventing them from needing food entirely.
A second method that this is done is through the mixture of water with another source of nutrients, such as the sun. This is common in aquasynthetic plants with photosynthesis capabilities, and in animals that get their energy from some other source. This allows for a species to fully sustain themselves off of these two methods, allowing them to live purely off of water and one other (usually highly available) nutrient.
Another method of aquasynthesis would be the use of magic. This is possible in places that are high in Amyth fields known as Auras, which can provide energy to a species if harnessed correctly. When done in the right way, this combined with a clever method of using Amyth to morph the molecules of the water, can be used to create nutrients for a species.

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