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Bubbletrees are a type of tree found high up in the islands of the dewdrop peaks. They have grey trunks and hair-thin branches, at the end of which it collects droplets of water that eventually form into large bubbles of water.

Basic Information


The bubble tree cannot technically be classified as a tree, despite its name and appearance. It is most closely related to a fungus, though it is still a great departure from any other fauna of Etharai.
The trees stand at around 5-6 feet tall, with branches extending outwards that grow to as thin as a single hair. These hairs are not just for show, however: they collect the moisture in the air, and store it on the branches until it is ready to be absorbed by the tree.
The tree is so efficient at doing this, that it collects so much excess water that the water will likely evaporate before all of it is absorbed. So instead, fauna in the area can rely on the tree's water-collecting ability for their own water, if they are unable to collect their own water from the clouds themselves.

Genetics and Reproduction

The tree's water-collection mechanism is also its method of reproduction. The hair-like fibres growing on the tree snap off easily, and when an animal tries to drink from the tree, these fibres are likely to come with the water. The fibres hold the miniscule seeds of the tree, which can then be planted to wherever the animal leaves the seeds.

Ecology and Habitats

The bubbletree is best suited for life at an altitude where clouds are often moving through it. This allows for the trees to collect the water from the clouds, allowing for it to survive and create nutrients.
Because of this, the tree is often found in the lower islands of the dewdrop peaks, the ones that are often completely enveloped by the clouds. The hotter and drier environments of the higher altitude islands do not have nearly as much moisture in the air, and the trees are typically unable to survive in such areas.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The only thing that bubbletrees need for survival is water. They are capable of aquasynthesis, a process that converts water into nutrients, and so are able to survive so long as there is solid ground for them to cling to and water in the air around them.
Average Height
5 ft.
Geographic Distribution

Bubbletrees: A Household Decoration

Because of the water that is constantly held on the bubbletree, it reflects light and often causes multiple rainbows to reflect on the surfaces around it, or inside of the droplets themselves. This property makes it a highly desireable house plant for many angels, who love looking at the pretty colours and showing them off to their friends. It makes for a great house plant, as it does not require much care and can get all of its necessary nutrients from the air around it. The only constraint, it seems, is that the angels don't always make their houses big enough to fit an entire tree inside.

Bubbletree Wood Furniture

So long as it is dried correctly, the trunk of a bubbletree can be made into fairly sturdy and long-lasting wood. It does not do well against the elements, so is not very often used for the purposes of building exteriors, but it can be used for furniture. The grey-tan hue of the wood can be easily dyed, but is a fairly neutral colour on its own capable of going with nearly anything palette-wise.
However, for a strange reason, the wood of the bubbletree, even after it has been harvested, does not do well in low altitudes. Likely due to the oxygen content of the air, the wood of the bubbletree will begin to rot and decay within mere hours.


In addition to being a great source of fresh, clean, water, bubbletrees can be used for a number of different things. Angels like to decorate their homes with rugs or curtains made from woven-together hairs of the bubbletree. The bark is very tasty, and can be used in dishes such as bubblebark pie. They can also be cooked and made into a type of noodle known as barknoodle. The interior of the trunk of the bubble tree is also high in nutrients, as this is where it synthesizes its food. Woodcutter soup is a nutritious meal that can be made from the insides of the plant.


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