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Entangling Kelp

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Entangling kelp is a carnivorous kelp species that can be found in the kelp forests. It eats small fish and other animals that can be found swimming around its habitat. The species hides among other kelp species, though its reddish colour gives away its location to species that have more than two colour cones in their eyes.


Entangling kelp is a dark red colour, and is composed of numerous vines that give it a tangled appearance. When taken above water, however, it appears a bright, hot pink, only diluted by the water that surrounds it in its natural habitat. It has small dot-like "leaves" which serve as sensors, detecting when another animal comes into contact with the species. When it does, the vines curl around the species, trapping it and bringing it closer to the plant's centre. The plant then digests its prey.

Dietary Needs & Habits

Engtangling kelp does not need very much food, generally eating around once a month, if not less often. Though they sometimes wander close to its vines, the entangling kelp cannot eat ocean centipedes, their hard shells impossible for the entantangling kelp to digest. The plant, however, is not able to distinguish between these centipedes and its prey. When it makes the mistake of trying to eat one, both the centipede and the plant usually end up starving to death - the centipede because it can no longer hunt its prey, and the plant because its digestive system becomes blocked.

Uses & Byproducts

Entangling kelp is edible, and does appear in some dishes, such as sand soup. It can also be used to make kelpdye, and the dye that it makes is a bright pink. It is used to colour things such as coralglass, clothing, and even occasionally to stain certain lighter woods.
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