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Coralglass is a material made from coral in the whirlpool reefs. It is made from sandy coral, a small pastel coral that can be found growing on the reef's floors. The glass itself is colourful and only semi-transparent, with a sort of stippled effect that makes it easy for light to get through but a bit harder to see clearly out of.


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Coralglass is incredibly popular for coralite kuuyikar, who use it in their building instead of regular glass - which they do have access to. It can be found on the syscrapers present in many coralite cities, alongside meticulously-grown coral walls rising above or remaining underneath the ocean's surface.
It is also used for many household objects among the coralites: bowls, silverware, vases, decorations, and more. It is a staple of any coralite household.
It can also be found outside of the reefs, in the occassion that outsiders trade some of their materials for those of the coralites. It remains popular for dishware, vases, and other household objects - though is slightly less popular for windows. It is, however, used to create glass murals in some large buildings, such as universities. These murals depict anything from flowering scenery to manmade architecture, and provide light with a colourful glow to create an inviting interior.
The coralites also enjoy making sculptures from this glass. This is a very delicate art, and those who are practiced in it are held in high regard among coralites. Many centrepieces of squares or buildings are these glass sculptures, which can range in size from handheld to more than four times the size of a typical kuuyikar.


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