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Coralite Kuuyik

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Coralite kuuyikar are a kuuyik ethnicity residing in the whirlpool reefs. They are a highly sociable people, living in large communities and cities dotted across their biome. They appreciate ocean animals, and love pastel colours, especially in their coral-like architecture. Incredibly open to outsiders, the coralites are considered one of the kindest and most open-minded ethnicities in Etharai. They are considered unique in this regard, as the majority of the other species or ethnicities hold grudges against at least one other - it's hard not to be friendly towards the coralites, however.
People are as different as coral. The corals of the reef live in harmony - why shouldn't we?

Beautiful Coral Reefs Underwater by adiprayogo liemena


Major language groups and dialects

The coralites speak a similar language to Delpar, known as Kaltar. Unlike Delpar, Kaltar can be spoken both underwater and above water, a crucial feature for the coralites who spend nearly half of their time in buildings that rise up out of their more shallow waters.

Common Etiquette rules

Coralites have a strong connecture to nature in the reefs around them. They are vehemently against the unneccessary destruction of nature, and the only acceptable reason to prematurely end any creature's life is if it is required for food. Even still, some coralites prefer to be vegetarian or even vegan, unable to bring themselves to consume the animals they interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Arts & Architecture

The coralites are a very artistic people, and enjoy creative professions. Their architecture is a creative mix of specially-grown coral, forming towers and buildings rising high above the ocean's surface. These towers have coralglass windows, spiraling patterns, and decorated arches and terraces, making them a sight to behold.
The coralies also enjoy creating household items and sculptures from coralglass, with this profession being fairly esteemed among their communities.

Foods & Cuisine

Like the rest of the kuuyikar, coralites are able and willing to eat almost anything. Many of their dishes feature corals prominently, alongside some of the smaller fish in their environments. They also enjoy using sand as a seasoning in their foods, and while other species detest the taste that the sand gives, many coralites will swear by it, never cooking a meal without it.

Common Myths and Legends

The coralites believe that a part of the soul of Etharai resides in each and every living organism on the planet. This is the basis for their beliefs against unneccessary killing of wildlife, and also serves as a source of comfort to them. They see talking with each other or interacting with animals as bringing themselves closer to the soul of Etharai, a soul which to them represents peace.


Beauty Ideals

Coralites like pastel colours, both in their fashion and decorations. They wear tight-fitting clothing to reduce the risk of it getting caught on corals or in whirlpools, or just to keep it from getting in the way as they move.
Similar to the deep kuuyikar, coralites enjoy keeping their hair in various bun hairstyles, though they like decorating these buns with shells and starfish. They like to wear metal jewellery, including bangles and stud earrings. They are careful not to wear anything too dangly, so as not to pose a danger or get in their way, especially within their whirlpool-prone environment.

Courtship Ideals

Where many kuuyikar centre their cultures around flowers, coralites much prefer shells, bits of coral, and other sealife. Flowers are not particularly common in their reefs, so are not quite as prominent to them. Still, gifts of flowers from outsiders, especially other kuuyikar, mean a lot to the coralites.
Coralites are one of the most open ethnicities to courtship between sapient species. While age gaps relative to species maturity are frowned upon and not permitted, a coralite is open to have a relationship with any other consenting adult, with no risk of judgement from their peers.


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