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Whirlpool Reefs

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The whirlpool reefs are a shallow ocean biome in the waters of etharai. Inhabited by coralite kuuyiker, these reefs are packed full of fish, corals, and even some predators. The most dangerous aspect of the reefs, however, is how prone they are to spontaneous and powerful whirlpools, destorying corals and disrupting the ecosystem.


The coralites living in the reefs are a highly social people, and welcome any who wish to make a home among them. They live in houses constructed off of tunnels and openings in the corals of their biome, keeping some of the native species as pets. Coralite cities rise up high above the ocean, in magically-maintained coral towers and rainbow-coloured architecture.


The whirlpool reefs are full of many different types of corals lining the ground and building off of it. In some places, these corals are so thick and tall that they form tunnels in between them, inside of which many organisms make their homes. The shapes in which the corals grow, however, directs currents of water into paths that often collide and cause whirlpools. Some of the whirlpools are minor, though others can quickly grow dangerously large and destroy entire portions of the region.


There are many kinds of corals that live in the whirlpool reefs, including (but not limited to) rainbow coral, spiral coral, umbercoral, and vent coral. Coralshroom is a mushroom species growing atop these corals. The corals subsist off of energy from the sun, as well as algaes, such as feathered algae and oceancloud algae, in the region. Many small fish also make their homes here, such as iris minnows, marblefish, and turtleguppy. These fish are eaten by larger fish such as the rainbow mackerel, which is in turn eaten by the goldbellied reef shark, the apex predator of the biome. A common animal kept as a pet by the kuuyikar in the biome is the cracked-shell turtle, a turtle with a shell that looks like cracked corals, along with the reef octopus, an intelligent and loveable creature. Other plants such as reef candles and sea pumpkins also make their home in the biome, providing light and food for the many diverse species inhabiting the biome.

Localized Phenomena

The whirlpool reefs, as their name suggests, are a location prone to spontaneous formation of whirlpools. This can make the region dangerous to species that rely on air to breathe, and also make the area incredibly difficult to traverse by boat. The people that live in the region have houses made specifically to withstand these whirlpools, and have learned to recognise the signs of a whirlpool forming and act accordingly.


The climate of the whirlpool reefs is rather warm, and remains warm all year round, as it is located near Etharai's equator. The waater itself is also warm, due to it being heated by the sun, though some of the deeper or more covered areas are a bit cooler. The waves in the region rarely reach very tall heights, with the water being mostly calm if not for the constant whirlpools.

Natural Resources

There are a few natural resources that can be found or made in the whirlpool reefs. One of the most popular materials in the region is coralglass, a colourful pastel glass that can be made with sandy coral, a coral that grows near the ocean floor. Pearls can also be found in the region, harvested from rainbow clams, a mollusk species with an iridescent shell that is also fairly popular - though it is only collected once the rainbow clam has died for unrelated reasons.


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