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Goldbellied Reef Shark

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The goldbellied reef shark is a species that can be found in Etharai's whirlpool reefs. It is the apex predator of its biome, subsisting on species such as the rainbow mackerel, the turtleguppy, and even the cracked-shell turtle occasionally. Though fearsome predators, the goldbellied reef shark is not agressive towards any species that are larger than it. Because it is an apex predator, it does not need to watch out for predators, and so it is quick to make friends with the coralite kuuyikar, and any other sapient species that happen to visit or interact with the species.


The goldbellied reef shark is a rotund creature, with two dorsal fins so that it can keep upright in the often chaotic waters of the whirlpool reefs. Its dorsal and pectoral fins are wider and rounded, with more surface area allowing for more control over their movements. Their skin is a sand-like tan with darker pseudo-golden stripes across them. These stripes are denser on their backs, and less prominent on their undersides. However, their bellies are a pale yellowish white, with lighter and darker specks scattered across them. These speckled undersides are what give the goldbellied reef sharks their name, as they give the illusion of sparkling gold when the shark is seen moving from below.


While goldbellied reef sharks have not been completely domesticated, there are known cases of a reef shark becoming attached to and forming a connection with a sapient being. As such, a few goldbellied reef sharks are kept domestically, fed and trained rather than living in the wild.
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