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Cracked-Shell Turtle

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The cracked-shell turtle is a turtle species native to the whirlpool reefs. It is a fairly small turtle, and its primary distinguishing feature is its shell, which appears from afar as a cracked and dead clump of coral.
Cracked-shell turtles are often kept as pets by the coralite kuuyikar, who have a close connection with nature and anjoy the companionship of these animals. They can be very affectionate creatures, though are easy to lose, as they can blend in with the coral walls where the kuuyikar live.
Geographic Distribution

Basic Information


The cracked-shell turtle is a small aquatic reptile with four flippers and a hard carapice providing it protection. Their internal environments are significantly less salty than the ocean around them, and in order to maintain this, they must consistently excrete any excess salt, in a process known as osmoregulation. These turtles reach a length of only around a foot long in adulthood.
The cracked-shell turtle gets its name from the appearance of its shell, which looks like clumps of cracked, dead, coral. This shell provides them both protection and camoflauge against the corals in its home reefs.

Ecology and Habitats

Cracked-shell turtles live naturally in the whirlpool reefs. They can survive in any saltwater reefs, however. The cracked-shell turtle's natural predator is the goldbellied reef shark, a small shark still big enough to fit the entire body of a cracked-shell turtle between its jaws.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cracked-shell turtles are omnivorous and rely on a variety of foods. It can eat mollusks like the rainbow clam, sea grasses, seaweed, and worms. They require a somewhat balanced diet, with each of their foods providing them important nutrients.

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