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Iris Minnow

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The iris minnow is an iridescent species of fish native to the whirlpool reefs. They travel in large schools near the surface of the water, feeding on algae and microorganisms. They group together to form large, dense schools that will often blot out light onto the reef below them, acting somewhat similar to clouds within the water.

Basic Information


Iris minnows have silver scales, which reflect the vibrant colours of the reef around them. They are very fast swimmers when they need to be, though most of their time is spent swimmingly slowly and doubling back to keep with the rest of the school they are swimming with. They have darker stripe across their backs, and bulging eyes that seem large compared to their heads.

Ecology and Habitats

Iris minnows are native to the whirlpool reefs, but they can adapt to nearly any environment. They have been found as far out as almost a hundred miles from their natural habitat of the reefs, though the vast majority of the species do not leave the confines of their home environment.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Iris minnows eat algaes, such as feathered algae and oceancloud algae, as well as microorganisms living in the water. They stick closer to the surface of the water, as it is a bit more open than the deeper, coral-filled areas of the biome, and allows them to spread out more, and eat more food the the larger area.


Iris minnows travel in large schools of over a hundred fish. These schools will scatter at a hint of danger, spreading out so that if a predator were to attack them, only a fraction of the school would get eaten or injured.
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