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Toxic Vent Coral

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Toxic vent coral is an offshoot species of vent coral, artificially created during attempts to increase vent coral population in parts of the whirlpool reefs.

Anatomy & Genetics

Toxiv vent coral is a pale bluish-white in colour, with darker rings across it. Mutations in gene sequences related to the species' intake and discharge of gasses and fluids caused the chemical reactions inside of the vent coral to produce deadly toxins, released in bubbles to the surface. Once they reached the greater atmosphere, the gas dispersed to a degree that is no longer any real threat, but the bubbles, if they collide with living organisms, can cause real harm to a species' resperitory systems. The coral is thus removed if it grows near any centres of population, or any popular travel routes. Most coralites know how to recognise and avoid this species, but outsiders often have to be taught or guided away from the species, lest they unintentionally endanger themselves.

Use in Research

The toxic vent coral is, surprisingly, much more genetically stable than their vent coral ancestors, and can more reliably reproduce offspring with fewer and less impactful mutations. Because of this, specimens of the species have been used for testing of items inded for use on or around vent coral, as such experiments are easier to replicate and produce more consistent results. Later stages will, of course, test on actual vent coral cells, but the ability to use a more constant yet similar species has allowed for earlier stages of projects to progress much quicker than testing on actual vent coral would allow.
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