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Arkhai are a species that can be found across Etharai, though are concentrated primarily in the heart. They are generally agreed to be sapient, though they communicate in methods that have yet to be deciphered by others. Arkhai generally avoid heavily populated areas, tending towards locations fully claimed by nature. They are uniquely connected to the Auras of the planet, and are said to have populated it since the beginning of its time. They do not interact with most other sapients, instead preferring the company of nature. They barely even interact with one another, as if they get too close to another member of their species, their minds will start to meld into one.

Basic Information


Arkhai are translucent, glowing creatures with four arms and no discernable legs. They can be in any bright colour, though are most commonly white, green, blue, or purple. They float around one and a half feet off the ground, and are typically two to four feet tall. Arkhai do have distinct hair, generally floating upwards from their heads. Their hair is the same colour as their bodies, though usually a bit lighter or darker. Some arkhai have horn- or antler-like protrusions from their heads as well. An older arkhe will have longer or more elaborate horns or antlers, compared to younger members of the species.

Supernatural Capabilities

Arkhai have an innate connection to the magic surrounding them, and are able to co-exist with most animal species. It is possible that the arkhai are even able to communicate with animals, as well. Arkhai are also acutely aware of all organisms, plants, animal, or otherwise, surrounding them. This is the most likely reason for them staying away from larger settlements and places with high populations, as the high number of being around them can get overwhelming. Unlike other species, there is no known cap to the amount of magic that an arkhe can harness, and they are capable of incredible feats.

Genetics and Reproduction

Arkhai do mate, and when they do, they mate for life. The arkhe's version of marriage is to meld with another, becoming a single organism, a combination of the two (or more) arkhai that made them. Arkhai similarly reproduce by splitting into two (or more) organisms, composed of parts of the parent arkhe. The new arkhai have memories entirely distinct from the parent arkhe.
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150-700 years
Average Height
2-4 feet
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution

Civilisation and Culture

Language & Communication

Arkhai communicate with one another through telepathic sub-waves, which can be carried across incredibly long ranges with the help of the Auras and bloodlines travelling across and throughout the planet. This communication "sounds" like a series of beeps, buzzing tones, and chirps, and has no written form - though attempts have been made by other species to transcribe it.

Relationship Ideals

When two or more arkhai are attracted to one another, they will spend more time closer to one another. This means that they are able to more strongly feel one another's presence, and can communicate much more quickly. Most relationships start around a mile away from one another, and the arkhai will move closer to each other as the relationship progresses.

Myths & Legends

The arkhai appear in multiple myths and stories dating all the way back to the War of World's End, and possibly even well before that. There is sufficient evidence pointing towards their existence as early as the first civilisations in the World Before, with descriptions eerily similar to the species available in some of the earliest translated writings. The species has generally been considered to be benign, benevolent in cases. Some civilisations viewed the arkhai as of the same essence as the worldmothers, though most modern communities consider this idea to be blasphemous.

Arkhelite Magic

The arkhai's untapped access to Etharai's magic has led some to believe that the species is not using Amyth or Thyic. Some posit that the species has found a third way to interact with magic, one that seemingly has no cost on them. Others are sceptical about this claim, though there are few theories as to what allows their unabetted and seemingly unlimited access to the very blood of the planet.

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