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The worldmothers are the creators of Etharai in most religions, their stories relayed in variations of the world's most common creation myth. They are named Thyieni and Amyrah, and represent two of the most important aspects of the universe.


Amyrah is the worldmother connected to Amyth, and is the mother of nature, trees, sky, and peace. She is worshipped by many species that are more connected to the natural world, such as jylar, fthastyr, and some kuuyikar.
In certain mythologies, Amyth is the one who carried Etharai, birthing her with the assistance of Thyieni. In others, she created the body and form of Etharai, breathing the breath of life into her child. She is the worldmother who created the planet around Etharai.


Amyrah is depicted as a large woman with green skin and darker green hair. She has flowers and leaves growing on her body, and her eyes sparkle like a warm summer's day. She is almost always depicted holding the world in her hands, in front of her chest most specifically. This represents that she poured her heart into the creation of Etharai, and that she loves its people dearly.


People worship Amyrah through reverence of nature. People will ask for her blessing before picking flowers, killing an animal, or harvesting a plant. A portion of what is collected from nature is given as offerings to Amyrah, by putting them in a basket and letting them drift down a body of water. Amyrah is also prayed to for a good harvest, for healthy crops, for a bountiful hunt, and much more in relation to nature.


Thyieni is the worldmother connected to Thyic. She is known as an inventor, a keeper of progress, one who encourages the creativity in others. She is the worldmother of the mind and soul, and in many mythologies, she is in charge of the afterlife. Thyieni is revered among more technologically-minded species, ones who prioritize science, education, and technological progress. She is accredited with the idea of encasing Etharai into the planet in order to save her, and is seen as a great and empathetic healer.


Thyieni appears as a large woman, only slightly smaller than Amyrah, with grey skin and hair, wrinkled skin, and a warm smile. She is depicted holding either Etharai or the moon above her head, as she is thought of as bringing progress to Etharai. She wears tight-fitting clothing and a silver garland atop her head. She has also been depicted holding a planetary body in one hand and a torch in the other, to signify that she paved the way for science.


Thyieni is worshipped through the use and harnessing of Thyic. To those that use it, it is seen as her gift to the people of Etharai, something to be used but also to be enjoyed and revered. Many cultures will say a prayer to Thyieni before performing Thyic. They will also pray to her for good relationships, understanding and compassion among friends and communities, and a sense of togetherness for the world, and for peace among the many different culture of Etharai.


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