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Fthast (/fθast/, /'fθast.iɹ/)

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Fthastyr are a moth-like species, and the smallest sapient species, standing at an average of 2-3 feet tall. They are one of the largest species capable of flight on Etharai, and are incredibly sensitive to magic. They are the only sapient species able to innately see Auras without needing to harness Amyth. However, they are incredibly averse to Thyic, and many fthast cultures believe that Thyic is a perversion of the natural balance.

Basic Information


Fthastyr stand at 2-3 feet tall, with the tallest fthast on record reaching 3'4". Fthastyr have skin tones ranging from pastel greens, to dark oranges, to browns. They grow a lot of hair on their heads, with this hair being incredibly fluffy and giving an almost mane-like appearance. Fthastyr have four fingers, which are incredibly thin and dextrous. They do not have opposable thumbs.
Fthastyr have a basic limb arrangement of two arms and two legs, with their arms being fairly thin and their legs being disproportionately long. They have two wings, which have a slight fuzz to them, that do allow the fthastyr to take flight. These wings are separated into two distinct portions: the forewing, and the hindwing. They also have two plumose antennae, composed of a base segment and extending flagella. They do not have noses, and instead perceive smell through these antennae.

Genetics and Reproduction

Fthastyr can reproduce both sexually and asexually, and are sexually dimorphic. Male fthastyr tend to have larger and fluffier antennae than females, and thus often have a better sense of smell.
Fthastyr lay what can be roughly considered an egg, but what they call a cocoon. After emerging from this cocoon, a fthast is considered fully grown and is free to either stay in the community they were born into, or travel elsewhere.

Growth Rate & Stages

Fthastyr live for around 4-5 years, and are the shortest-living sapient species in Etharai. They are born from their cocoons and are considered adults from that point forward, though younger fthastyr tend to be more naive and energetic. The concepts of family and community are intrinsically intertwined to most fthastyr, and often a fthast living in a non-fthast community will consider the other species in the community around them to be part of their family.

Ecology and Habitats

Fthastyr do not have a clear preference for environment, with opinions differing between each individual. They are not quite as ubiquitous as the Kuuyikar, as their populations tend to be much smaller. Fthastyr do tend to be incredibly picky about their choice of residence, often moving multiple times before settling on one place. As such, it is not uncommon for communities of other species to welcome in Fthastyr to their communities.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fthastyr cannot properly digest meat, and all of their cuisine is derived from plants, herbs, and spices. Fthastyr are also prone to eating leaves and grass directly from nature, often uncaring about preparing these to any further degree, and seeing this behaviour as snacking.


Fthastyr have a reputation for being soft-spoken, kind, and empathetic. Because of this, they get along well with most other species. In reality, however, a fthast will often mold their personality around what they think would best suit the social environment they are living in. Communities made up entirely of fthastyr tend to have extreme personalities, as they will copy one another's behaviours repeatedly until their personalities reflect an inflated image of the first personality trait to be displayed among them.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Fthastyr are considered of average intelligence, though they do not place a lot of value intelligence. They are highly emotionally intelligent, however, and are highly social as a result of this. They place high value on emotion, and believe that expressing and understanding one's emotions is crucial for a healthy life.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Fthastyr have extended awareness due to their attunement to Amyth. They are able to see Auras, as well as percieve any use of magic within their visual range. This sensitivity to magic allows the to percieve much more than the other sapient species, but also makes them more prone to magic-based or magically-transmitted conditions.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Fthastyr name their children within the language of Fthsx, one of the most comon languages among the Fthastyr. Because of the nature of this language, the names tend to be difficult to pronounce for other species. Fthast names include Thyzhs, Fphrsx, Wshythys, and Phsthyst.

Beauty Ideals

Fthastyr enjoy bright colours and soft antennae and wings. There is a specific shape of wing that is found desireable by the species, with rounded edges and a long extention off of their hindwings.
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4-5 years
Average Height
2-3 ft.

Fthsx: Language of the Fthastyr

The way that fthastyr communicate with one another is often not verbal. Instead, they produce phonemes via their antennae. A mute fthast has no struggles in fthast communities, while one that has lost their antennae are incredibly disadvantaged.
This language can be approximated with speech, and written down in some alphabets, but does not have any vowels, making it difficult for verbal language speakers to learn and pronounce correctly.


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