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Close your eyes. Breathe. Don't look, but feel the magic around you. It'll be a bit of work, but you'll have to identify the types of each of these strands. Got it? Good. Now choose the ones you want, and weave them together.
— A Keeper mentor educating a newer Keeper on Seeking
Seeking is a form of magic in which one extends their perception of magic to the greater area around them, selecting specific types of magic to combine into the desired product.
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Seeking was discovered by Keepers shortly after the discovery of Thyic. Where Thyic is the morphing of existing magic into the desired type, a highly taxing practice, Seeking allowed for the magic used to already be the needed forms, required much less energy spent to morph the magic, but a bit more energy to find it.


While an incredibly useful form of casting, Seeking is not a feasable method on the surface of Etharai. While in the heart of Etharai, many different types of magic are available in the very air, the magic on the surface is much more separated, sequestered into biomes. Magical wastes hold the majority of destructive magic, while megaforests contain mutation magic and rolling hills contain transportation and movement magic. The only place where Seeking might be an available method on the surface would likely be between two biomes high in magic, but even then, one is restricted to things within the intersection of those two types.

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