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Idyllic Mushroom

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Idyllic mushrooms are a species of mushroom growing in the Heart of Etharai. They have highly sensitive biology to their surroundings, their entire chemical makeup changing in slightly different soil. By an expert, this trait can be exploited to cause the mushroom to produce the specific nutrients and flavours desired.
Geographic Distribution

Basic Information


The anatomy of the idyllic mushroom greatly varies depending on the environment that it is growing in. Sometimes it will have a colourful appearance, while others it may appear brown, tan, or grey. It can be small and thin, large and wide, or anywhere in between. The only thing keeping it recognisable in its environment is the fact that it is the only mushroom that grows within the caverns around the heart of Etharai.

Genetics and Reproduction

Idyllic mushrooms reproduce with the use of spores. They release spores into the air upon being picked, or upon dying. These spores then drift through the air or are carried by sapient species, until they find a suitable place to grow. The spores can survive on their own for up to 48 hours.

Ecology and Habitats

The idyllic mushroom lives in the heart of Etharai, surviving off of the magical energy emitted from the bloodlines. They are eaten by much of the creatures that also live in the area, but can also obtain energy from the dead bodies of such creatures. As such, they are an incredibly versatile organism

Dietary Needs and Habits

Idyllic mushrooms are able to quickly adapt to be able to gain nutrients from nearly anything, also changing their appearance. An idyllic mushroom that mainly feeds off of magical energy tends to be more translucent, while an idyllic mushroom that feeds off of dead organisms has a red spotted appearance.

Additional Information

Uses and Byproducts

Because of the incredible versatility of the idyllic mushroom, it has many different uses. It can be used for a great number of medical applications, as well as made into a lot of different foods. It can be used as a hallucinogen as well, in certain forms. Some of the products that can be made from the mushroom include idyllic essence, a hallucinogenic drug, while laougst medicine is a treatment for certain magical illnesses.


Due to the capabilities to grow in many different forms, the idyllic mushroom has been domesticated by the Keepers. A highly intelligent species, the Keepers manipulate the environment around the idyllic mushrooms to cause them to grow into desired forms, which they can then use and consume. Mushroom farmers in the heart of Etharai are held in very high regard, as they produce the majority of the products that the rest of the Keepers consume.


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