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Lostlark Café

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Welcome to Lostlark Café, my name is Current-of-Bubbles, how may I take your order?
— A member of the waitstaff at the Lostlark Café

The Lostlark Café is an underwater café in the heart of Cathariel, a sprawling city deep in the submerged caverns. It is located in the Othoria district, a district catering mostly to tourists. It is run by a kuuyik couple, who serve both their own cultural foods as well as foods that would be more familiar to tourists.


The café is known as lostlark, as the owner, Sings-with-Breath, was a singer on the surface before moving the Cathariel. The owning couple likes to joke that she was lost until she found her wife in the depths of the caverns, and made a home there.


The café has catered for large events and meetings held in the district, as well as those outside of it, and has become a well-known name among the people of the city.


The building that houses the café is a large building much wider than it is tall. It has two floors, an air-filled ground floor where guests are invited to dine or simply stay, and a water-filled sub-level where the owners of the café live. The building is decorated with many different arches, with flowers carved into the tarrock walls. It has a pink tile roof with vines and flowers growing on the roof, imported from the surface and taken care of by gardeners working for the café. When visiting weddings, the flowers from this vine are what the owners will usually offer. These flowers are also offered to customers as a thank-you gift for dining at the café.


While the café mostly serves food from or close to kuuyik culture, they will have a weekly special where they offer their best attempt of a dish from a different culture. They will often take requests on what to serve on this special, and so far for the 10 years that the café has been running have never repeated a special, saying that they want all cultures to feel equally represented.


Sings-with-Breath, one of the owners of the café, likes to perform for the customers when she is able. There is a stage set up with a microphone for anyone to perform, and patrons consider themselves lucky if there are there on a day when she decides to sing. She is widely considered a beautiful singer, and many visit just to hear her music, which she writes and composes herself.


On the interior walls of the café, many works of art are displayed. Eloquent-with-Words, the other owner of the café, enjoys collecting art, and will occasionally redesign the interior of the café. They like to collect art from all over Etharai, and some patrons will choose to give them gifts of art from their homelands, which quickly land prime real estate hanging on the best parts of the walls.


Located in the centre of the tourist district of Cathariel, this café is highly popular among all of the visitors to the city. It offers a chance to experience the foods of the region while still having the familiarity of home, something many of the customers appreciate.
Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location


Sunkenweed Tea
A lovely, bitter, tea made from the sheathes of the sunkenweed grass. Good with hearty or earthy foods.

Ink Juice
Not reccommended for non-kuuyikar guests
A semi-metallic drink with a beatiful, shiny, glow, made from glow ink farmed directly from here in the submerged caverns, with the sour additive of ocean pomegranate cancelling out the bitterness of the ink.

Udarain Smoothie
Made from the freshly-harvested interior of the udarain fruits, this smoothie is bound to quench your thirst and feed your sweet tooth!

Baked Goldenroot Crisps
A starchy addition to your diet, these crunchy crisps made from goldenroot harvested directly from the rolling hills, these chips are sure to be a lovely snack!

Kuuyik Seafood Salad
Not reccommended for non-kuuyikar guests
This salad contains a mixture of your leafy, marine, greens! (And a healthy mix of purples and oranges too). This salad is a taste sample of Etharai's wonderful ocean, and is topped with a drizzling of glow ink!
Udarain Pudding
This is pudding made from once again fresh udarain fruits, with a sweet taste elevated by the added mixture of two different types of milk, served with a side of crumble cookies.

Spellvok Candy
A favourite among deep kuuyikar children, this must-have candy has a delicious texture, and it's sparkly! Who doesn't love sparkly food?


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