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Goldenroot is a root vegetable native to the rolling hills. It is a starchy tuber that grows in a somewhat cyllindrical shape. While the outside of this vegetable is a tannish colour, the inside has a bright yellow-orange hue, where it gets its name. It grows in large patches, allowing it easily regrow if its roots are destroyed due to the moving landscape of the biome. This does sometimes cause the vegetable growing to become buried under the shifting soil, but this causes the vegetable to decay and the nutrients within it to be absorbed back into the soil.
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Goldenroot can be eaten directly from the ground, but it can also be used in a variety of food. Goldenroot Stew is a popular stew with an earthy taste, and Baked Goldenroot Crisps are a popular snack food across some regions. Because of its fast growth, there is an overabundance of goldenroot in some places, causing it to become a major part of some areas' cuisines. The plant has an earthy and neutral taste, allowing it to pair well with many other foods.

Farming & Domestication

Due to their versatility in eating, goldenroot is a domesticated plant farmed in its native biome. However, due to misguided efforts of planting it in other biomes with solid ground, it has become an invasive species elsewhere, as its high growth rate causes it to overtake everything else when not balanced out by the moving soil disconnecting its roots. Attempts have been made to grow it in soil that is artificially moved by magic, but this is restricted to controlled environments.

An Invasive Species

Due to attempts at goldenroot being planted in other biomes, the goldenroot plant has become an invasive species, overtaking all other ground plant life where it grows. There are global efforts to collect any waylaid goldenroot, causing it to become a highly available food. There is an excess of goldenroot offered in many markets, and areas with high concentrations of the plant allow it to be picked and eaten by anyone.


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