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Baked Goldenroot Crisps

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Baked goldenroot crisps are a food that can be made from the goldenroot plant, native to the rolling hills. These crisps have become fairly common in many biomes, due to goldenroot's invasive nature in those biomes and a need to cull its populations.


Plain (circle or oval shaped) baked goldenroot crisps can be made by picking, washing, and peeling a goldenroot plant, and then cutting it into slices. These slices should be placed on a baking tray, seasoned with oils and salts, and then baked until they become an almost golden brown. Then, after allowing them to cool off, they are ready to be enjoyed.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink



Goldenroot crisps have a gold-brown appearance, and can be made in many different shapes. The most popular shape is a flat, circular or ovular one, though some prefer them wavier, others prefer them curved into a bowl-like shape, and others still prefer them to be semi-triangular. They are generally fairly thin, though thickness does vary.


While the goldenroot plant, upon being picked and washed, smell somewhat like dirt, baked goldenroot crisps have a warm, smoky and salty smell to them. The smell is very distinct, and while not particularly strong, it is very easily smelled when standing in the close vicinity of one who recently ate them.


Baked goldenroot crisps taste somewhat salty, and have the perfect amount of crunch. To many, they have a comforting taste, remniscent of childhood and days spent sneaking snacks into the theatres. They are a perfect snack food, enjoyed by many as an almost ubiquitous food across the majority of Etharai's continents, though not as much the oceans.


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