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Cathariel is an underwater city located in the submerged caverns. It is a sprawling city with many species inhabiting it, that extends from its large major caverns to tunnels reaching out in all directions.
A number of unique technologies are utilised in this city, and the atmosphere (in a metaphorical sense) that it provides is unique compared to the other major cities of Etharai.
The city supports much tourism, with an entire district dedicated to it. There are some parts of the city that do not share this view, but these people tend to stay grouped together in less tourism-friendly areas.
Cathariel is the surface name for this settlement, and will be used in the rest of the article. Its Delpar name is Kazal.
Inhabitant Demonym
Catharian(s) (Surface)
Kazalar (Delpar)


While the majority of the city are kuuyikar, Cathariel is one of the most diverse cities in terms of its population out of all of the underwater settlements on Etharai. Just about every sapient species can be found living within its space, and many more come to visit.


The city is separated into multiple different districts, as are most other cities on Etharai. Cathariel specifically has 7 districts, each with their own names. The seven districts of Cathariel are known as Yttaro (YR), Hathari (HT), Ghysha (GY), Othoroia (OR), Myphrem (ME), Rathal (RT), and Gadar (GD).
These districts are, for the most part, self-governing. While many have the same general formats, there are minor differences between them. Each of the districts elect someone to be the district's Grand Elder, a person who facilitates social disagreements and sets guidelines for the citizens to follow. This person is not always the oldest, or even very old at all, but someone who is agreed to be wise. The Grand Elder stays in their position for a year-long term (shorter if they die or a majority vote occurs to remove them), and cannot be Grand Elder again after they have served once.


Many different types of technology that are available allow this city to grow and flourish like it does. Expeditions outside the city into the surrounding are supported by Oceanic High-Depth Submersible Autocars, supplied by the city for those who apply. Deephomes are build all across the city, alongside waterwalks that allow for easy transportation to air-breathing folk. Public transportation is readily available, with the city hosting a number of busboats, both designed for support of land-based and water-based species. The city also makes use of many different types of elevators and moving platforms, which are mostly powered by magic cast by an operator.


Yttaro (YR)

Yttaro is the district located in the very centre of the city. It has the largest population compared to the rest of the districts, and technically holds the central governing body of the rest of the city. It is the second largest district area-wise, and has a bit of open space, giving an expansive feel to the city.

Hathari (HT)

Hathari is a district somewhat detatched from the rest of the city, accessed through a tunnel leading to a large, separated cavern from the main one. It is known for its gardens, spanning most of the district and displaying all sorts of aquatic flowers. Many kuuyikar live here, and most travel here often to collect flowers.

Ghysha (GY)

Ghysha is a moving district on a large metal platform that floats within Yttaro. It is under its own jurisdiction separate from Yttaro, and is somewhat unfriendly to tourists. The language spoken in this district is almost entirely Delpar, and many of the inhabitants of this district will refuse to speak surface languages on principle.

Othoroia (OR)

Othoria is a district located in a large cavern adjacent to the centre of the city. It has been almost entirely drained of water, and is pumped with an oxygen supply from the surface. It is packed with hotels for tourists and visitors.

Myphrem (ME)

Myphrem is a district expanding in the small tunnels creeping downwards from the central city. It is the most disconnected from itself, and is incredibly maze-like, almost exclusively inhabited by Kuuyik. This district is filled with local restaurants.

Rathal (RT)

Rathal is a district contained in the tunnels stretching from the central part of the city to the surface. Much of Rathal deals with transportation, as well as being responsible for communication with the surface world.

Gadar (GD)

Gadar is a district that exists on the outskirts of the city. It is mostly a farming and mining district, with a lot of trade both to the other districts and to the surface. It is the largest-area district, but one of the smallest in population.


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