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HHI Session 12: Wars and Wildfires

General Summary

Month 4, Week 1, Year 908
The Seeking Scorpions, threatened by the wrath of The Colony, decided to abandon their camp and spent the rest of the night hiking towards safety. They found a clearing on the edges of the Lotan Conservation, where the region's dense jungles transitioned into sparse patches of desert. The party felt as though they were a safe enough distance from The Colony, but for good measure Balasar cursed the jungles of the Lotan Conservation for making him feel week and questioning his beliefs. As a surge of wild mage overtook the dragonborn, Balasar expended one of his three 'Wish' spells and wished that the Conservation would burn. A single 'Firebolt' quickly turned into a wall of fire rushing through the jungle foliage, the vines and bracken adding fuel to the relentless wildfire. Ownka explained to Log that this wildfire was a consequence of the Lotan Conservation's weakness, but the lizardfolk was full of conflicted feelings seeing her homeland aflame.    By the time the party awoke the next day they felt their lungs sore and their throats dry as a thick layer of smoke enveloped the clearing. Balasar's wildfire had burned all through the night, and the columns of flame off in the distance indicated that it wouldn't be stopping anytime soon. A horde of dinosaurs flew through the thick smoke to attack the party for their transgressions, but the quetzalcoatls were quickly dispatched by the party's superior numbers. Ithilwen fired off longbow shots in rapid fire, and Balasar's Fireball incinerated the dinosaurs out of existence.    Month 4, Week 2, Year 908
The party continued its trek into the Northern Territories and the elven kingdom of the Kiri Clan, currently under siege by invading armies from the human Oda Clan. They found themselves in Shisu, an oasis town surrounded by a sea of tents as refugees fled fearsome battles to the north. Tavern rooms in the city center were more expensive due to the fighting, but the party was used to sharing a single bedroom among four to five people and didn't balk at the price. Ownka found a blacksmith who agreed to dye her armor a jet black color, and Ithilwen grappled with memories of the Elflands' collapse brought on by the scene of hopelessness and desperation in Kiri Clan. The world was quickly moving into an industrial era, a world that seemed hostile to elvenkind.    Mavis had a call with The Gatekeeper, once again being chewed out for failing to locate any strongholds. The kenku assured her patron that they just needed time to explore the Northern Territories and weigh their options, promising to call Wilbur back in five days. The Gatekeeper warned that if Mavis failed to do so, there'd be consequences.    Meanwhile Balasar sent out a quick letter to Ghesh Myastan to update his fellow Usher on the party's path of destruction, balking at the 150GP price to send a letter across the continent of Pescat. The post office worker told Balasar about some red dragonborn who were living on the edge of town, and the sorcerer introduced himself to Rezena and Kirith that afternoon. The two explained how they had ended up in the Northern Territories surveying the land for their company, and they quickly took an interest in Balasar's powers and connection to the Ushers of Renewal. Rezena, somewhat flirtily, invited Balasar to their office for a meeting the following day where they could discuss ways to help with the Usher's plots. Somewhat suspicious of these dragonborn, Balasar agreed only after he was able to get the office address. He found that the office was a small cigar shop with boxes of tobacco and herbs, but after speaking with the shopkeeper Balasar was unable to find hard proof of any foul play.   Later that same day Ownka meditated with Log on the powers of Gruumsh and the need to find more recruits to swell their deity's armies. Ownka gave a generous  donation to some elven beggers near one of the roads leading into town, using Balasar to interpret her reason for donating this large amount of gold. The elves were grateful for the genereous offering, but they proved fearful of Ownka's talk about working for Gruumsh and seeking vengeance on the Oda Clan soldiers that had ravaged their home. Ownka, disgusted by their cowardice, left the elves in the dust and returned to the tavern that night.    Over drinks at the Sand Gem tavern, Balasar mentioned his run-in with a handful of dragonborn and how he felt a little suspicious about their true motives. Balasar had also discovered some information about the female druid from Lotan, discovering from an elven refugee that her name was Kyoko Hara and that she was a graduate of Chusei University in Sanjuro City. Unfortunately, he didn't get any clear info about where Kyoko would be heading next. Ownka and Log agreed to follow Balasar to the cigar shop meeting tomorrow afternoon, while Mavis and Ithilwen decided to sail to the other side of the lake and search for potential strongholds for The Gatekeeper.

Rewards Granted

  • Ownka had her armor dyed a jet black color

Character(s) interacted with

  • Fumio - a former professor at Chusei University who provided Balasar with some information about Kyoko Hara 
  • Rezena and Kirith - two red dragonborn working in the Northern Territories as surveyors. They took an interest in Balasar's powers and his affiliation with the Ushers of Renewal, offering to meet with him the following day to discuss his organization's plans further.
  • The Gatekeeper - A mysterious researcher and patron of the Seeking Scorpions 
Report Date
20 Sep 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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